Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Experiencing the Public Transport in Malaysia

I traveled with public transport from Penang to KL instead of by airplane last Saturday.
Just to save some penny in my pocket.
I've chosen the night train from Butterworth to KL Sentral for this trip.
Purchased my tickets online few weeks before my departure date as they always sold out fast. Rates are different for different class. I bought the Superior Night Class, which is a bunk-bed type coach. The top cost MYR40, while the bottom cost MYR46.

The train is scheduled to depart at 2150hrs (9.50pm), 31 October 2014.
I planned to arrive at the ferry terminal by 8.00pm, but lately my time management failed badly. I reached the ferry terminal around 8.45pm (bad right?). Waited for a long while, but the ferry was no where to be found.
And I started to panic.
"It's 9.30pm already!!! Why isn't the ferry here yet?!" After I shouted that in my head, the ferry is here.
At 9.46pm, I finally reached Butterworth.
If you are not sure which way to the Butterworth Station, it is just on the right. Walk out from the ferry until you reach a T-juction (sort of). The left hand side will be to the bus terminal; while the right hand side will be to the Butterworth Station. Turn right an follow all the way to the under bridge, then the staircase then you'll see the train station is just on your right.

I ran like a lunatic because i'm running out of time. I wasn't sure whether I'm at the correct platform or not, so I ask whoever that's in front of me. Luckily it's the right one (it's just the one I turned into).

So glad that the train did not depart on time. If not, I'll need to head over to the bus terminal.
And the train depart around 10.00pm.

If you worry that you might not be able to wake up, don't worry as the conductor will come and wake you when the train reached your desired destination. All you need to do is just inform them when they came to check your train ticket/ eTicket.

The bed, bedding and pillow are fine, can be considered clean. The complaints from me are the cleanliness of the toilet --- stink, and the air conditioning --- too cold.

Small little net at the side for the top bunk. The bed is just enough for a person.

I can't really sleep well as I was kind of  paranoid about having my stuffs stolen while I'm asleep (I put my backpack beside my feet). The train arrived at KL Sentral around 5.35am. Departed late, but arrived on time. It must be speeding. LOL.

Ok, so after I've done with my business there, I took the night train on the same day as my arrival (01 November 2014), to travel back to Penang. Things ended earlier that expected and I'm back in KL Sentral at 3.45pm. The train ticket I bought was the one at 2200hrs (10.00pm).
OMG...6hrs more to go. How the hell should I kill my time at the station?

At 4.03pm, I heard an announcement, calling for passenger to board the 4.05pm train from KL Sentral to Butterworth. And I was like "WTH!!! Why did I know there's another trip at 4.05pm???"
Of course I didn't manage to exchange my train ticket as I assumed i won't be able to make it.
If you wish to exchange, you'll get 50% refund and pay for the remaining of the ticket you are changing. If I didn't hear that lady wrongly.

Boarded my 10.00pm train and heading home. This time I put my backpack next to my head (basically on my pillow as the space is limited) and I can finally have a better night sleep (or perhaps I'm just too tired).

 Arrived at Butterworth Station around 5.30am and walked towards the ferry terminal along the same path I took to reach here. 

Prepare MYR1.20 in coins for the ferry ride. The machine only accept old coins. If  you don't have them, you can exchange from the counter, but it doesn't open until 6.00am.

The ferry arrived around 6.05am.

Well, it's all about public transport, so I took the public bus to end my journey. It's very convenient as the bus station is just beside the ferry terminal.

The eTicket for my train ride and the bus ticket from Rapid Penang.

It's a great experience for me as I finally get to ride the night train (although it's not that comfortable to sleep on).
And it's been age since I took the ferry. Bus ride was a past tense after I bought my own car.
Car is always the 1st choice as buses do not come on time.

Government should improve the public transport so that there will be lesser cars on the road.
Honestly speak, if there's train in Penang, I'll definitely ditch my car and travel with train to work every day.
I hate traffic congestion so much.

That's all for my public-transport-day.